Permanent Eyebrows

Create Naturally-Beautiful, Luxuriously-Gorgeous Eyebrows Without Plucking, Waxing, or Drawing!

As small and insignificant as they may appear to be, our eyebrows play a surprisingly dramatic role in our appearance, accentuating the bright glow of the eyes and highlighting the naturally-beautiful curves of the face. Unfortunately, maintaining the perfect eyebrows can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive; heavy eyebrows require exacting plucking and painful waxing, while naturally thin and/or light eyebrows demand the constant application of make-up. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your eyebrows and are looking for a new and better method to maintain beautifully-shaped, gorgeously-full eyebrows, WP Lash Studio has the ideal solution for you!

Permanent EyebrowsAt WP Lash Studio, we are excited to introduce an amazing new way to create perfect, natural-looking eyebrows that will forever eliminate the constant routines needed for regular eyebrow maintenance. Manual microblading, or “eyebrow embroidery”, is a semi-permanent method of applying pigment to the surface of the skin in the brow area using ultra-fine, crisp brush strokes to recreate the appearance of actual eyebrow hair! Microblading represents a significant improvement over traditional methods such as the hairstroke technique, because it does not require frequent re-applications and avoids “spilling” under the skin to maximize the natural appearance of the brow.

Microblading is an ideal solution for anyone seeking to improve or augment the appearance of their eyebrows because it:

  • Augments sparse or thin eyebrows for fuller, more luscious brows
  • Entails individualized brow design to match each person’s unique aesthetic tastes
  • Enables brows and arches to be perfectly shaped to give the eyes a natural lift
  • Offers natural-looking eyebrows for over-plucked brows or to compensate for alopecia
  • Doesn’t smear or disappear, even if you sweat or get wet!

In order to ensure that your microblading experience results in eyebrows that look natural and blend perfectly with your unique beauty, it is critical that you select an aesthetician with both the talent and artistic vision to design the perfect eyebrows for your face. Melissa Steele, licensed aesthetician and owner of Winter Park Lash Studio in Winter Park, Florida, is a high experienced, exceedingly skillful lash stylist who will meticulously design and apply this revolutionary semi-permanent technique to meet your specific needs, creating the luxurious, naturally-beautiful brows you want to complement and enhance your naturally-beautiful appearance!

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a revolutionary, semi-permanent method of applying pigment underneath the skin in the brow area to recreate the appearance of natural eyebrows! Microblading utilizes a very fine blade to deliver pigmentation into the very top layer of skin. The pigmentation is delivered with a smooth, detailed feathering stroke to re-create the appearance of naturally-growing hair. The careful application of pigment to the very top layer of skin avoids “spilling” underneath the skin, while the crisp, extremely fine strokes eliminate the blocky, artificial look of more traditional methods. The result is fuller, naturally-gorgeous eyebrows that accentuate your facial contours!

During your appointment, Melissa will work with you to select a pigmentation that is perfectly matched for your unique skin tone and hair color, and that complements any existing eyebrow hair to ensure that the final result is completely blended and natural-looking. She will then work with you to design the ideal shape and size of the new brow, taking into account your unique facial structures and aesthetic preferences. Once the color, shape, size, and symmetry of the eyebrows have been designed, she will then carefully apply the pigmentation to the selected brow area.

Microblading is semi-permanent, and does require touch-ups to maintain ideal pigmentation levels and the luscious appearance of the eyebrows. At first, your new eyebrows will appear darker than anticipated as a result of the natural healing process; this is completely normal, and the dark pigmentation will fade over the next two weeks. An initial touch-up at three weeks is required to add more pigment; this step avoids the problem of over-pigmentation during the initial application, as it can be difficult to predict how the skin will accept the color. Additional touch-ups are recommended between 6 months to a year after the initial treatment to maintain ideal color and fullness.


If you are unhappy with the length, fullness, or shape of your eyebrows and are tired of the constant headache of plucking, waxing, or applying heavy make-up, please contact Melissa at Winter Park Lash Studio! Learn how microblading can safely and effectively transform your brows to make your eyes pop and call attention to your inherent facial beauty! We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your first appointment with Melissa.

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